Throughout its practice, «» collects data from all of its visitors. Familiarize with these postulates to provide the most accurate understanding of our goals. «» is a fully law-compliant firm respecting your commitment to privacy. However, we must carry out our legal obligations in any case and identify each visitor. Therefore, you should take the subsequent paragraphs to your attention.

1.Media we collect

Throughout the access to any page of «» , we’re tracking:
guidelines for contact: phone, email;
coordinates of your location, time zone, IP address, OS type & browser plus plugins;
for special bonuses\discounts – birth date;
What path brought you to «» ? Additionally, the time count for certain pages, error reports and the reviewed products.

2.Motivation for this analysis:

• to attractively present our capabilities;
• to incessantly assist and upgrade the performance;
• to provide round-the-clock aid to our present-day and potential customers;
• to promote, in case you’re agree.
«» working principle: don’t trade or transfer any details to the related parties without your consent. The info’s processing fully complies with the regulations in force in within the jurisdiction.

3.How we accumulate the data volumes

«» tracks any activity on interaction with the portal. It reckons:
• your determination to activate the mailout;
• emails received from «» after this;
• any calls from «» employees;
• cooperation with the support agents;
• diverse use of «» while viewing its pages.

4.Treating these entries

Companies-owners process the bulk made up by «» Organizational structure defines the volume transferred between our units. Analytics is carried out by our research department. All «» members are, without exception, bound by non-disclosure agreement. Servers and any other equipment intended for this activity are secured in strictly guarded buildings. Any handling of the received entries is aimed at «» products provision only. All the information is protected at the level stated by the current legislation. Only the exceptional cases disclose the related parties your details. These include legal requirements, court orders, or your expressed consent to such interactions.

5.How long we keep this data

After a six-year term from your last visit to «» , an automatic algorithm deletes it from the servers. A preliminary request for removal is not nessesary.

6.What about legal grounds?

Accessing the information analyzed is your untrammeled right. Still, a formal request letter is a must. Attest your personality (to secure your privacy) and make it. If, in your opinion, anything is presented incorrectly, ask «» for deletion or adjustment. Have a complaint about how we presented or processed something? Contact «» experts. We’ll provide collaborative work on the issue. For a clearer picture of your capabilities in this regard, study the subsequent paragraphs.

Privacy Policy


«» companies-owning always takes into account the regulations of all the jurisdictions in which it operates. In this paper we determine the principles of personal media handling as accurately as possible. Additionally, we formulate the responsibilities regarding this procedure. «» has no intention to obtain any data from people under the age of majority. «» also fully understands your care for your secrecy and treats it accordingly. Security is an incontestable priority. Therefore this document is periodically reviewed and updated. Changes will concern new actions with the user data or new principles of this policy.


We own and operate the brand «» This web portal collects and handles the users’ info for its commercial aims.

3.Legal framework

Learn the definitions stated below to exclude the misunderstanding:
•Your direct acceptance of the analysis of your personal data for «» purposes is « Consent».
•An agreement on the essential data handling by a company owning «» is « Contract».
•We require your media analysis because of « Lawful interests». They must not conflict with your statutory rights. Also they embrace:
•Getting us an idea of your behavior while you’re visiting «»
•Presenting opportunities to sustain, develop and upgrade «»
•Ensuring potential for modifying, configuring and upgrading the facilities provided.
•Assessing the productiveness of the marketing moves being carried out.
•Support and continuous improvement of media safety and security.

4.Affidavit of consent

Revoking you agreement to the media handling any time is an inalienable right. Send a query to After receiving it, we’re starting to consider whether we have other legal grounds for the further analysis. If none are present, any handling and collection ceases. But if other legal reasons are here, the procedure won’t be suspended unless it violates your rights.

5.«» obligations

«» becomes your data’s supervisor the moment you visit or register on the portal. Thus, we specify the way and extent for collection and analysis.

6.Your obligations

Study this paper thoroughly. Note, if you deliver some other person’s data, «» uses it according to their provision’s reason. Make sure of the full right for these details’ transmittance on your behalf. Treat this data flow and responsibly.

7.Compiled details

«» the following features of your interaction with the portal:
• your diverse use of «» while browsing;
• «» letters within the mailout;
• calls from «» employees;
• conversation with the support agents.
When you’re accessing any page of «» site, we’re detecting the following info:
• contact guidelines;
• coordinates of your location, time zone, IP address, OS & browser plus add-ons;
• for special bonuses\discounts – birth date;
• What path brought you to «» ? Additionally, the time count for certain pages, error reports and the reviewed products.
Senior management, company employees, subcontractors and the related parties involved are the info recepients.
«» also stores the following billing entries to successfully conduct financial transactions:
– A unique banking identifier, mailbox receiving payment receipts, the last four characters of the card number.
«» maintains the compliance of all payment transactions with the rules of the banking systems used. None of your financial data are open to the related parties under any circumstances.

8.Procedure’s aims and grounds

Clear Consent to the subsequent activities is a Contract stated feature. «» always serves mutual Lawful Interests.
• analyses your entries to present its products via the web platform.
• processes your data to maintain the platform’s operation. We analyze your manipulations, save your settings.
• upgrades its web platform through feedback researches and questionnaires. Also, we’re testing new features, managing and optimizing the traffic. We’re conducting entries analysis and research. In some aspects the related parties are cooperating.
• renders clients assistance. We’re reporting updates, investigating issues and fixing the bugs.
• makes promotions and notifies you of profitable deals.
• prevents fraud. We’re conducting it through evercookies. It’s an extremely acute tool identifying the additional accounts on the same device.

9.Righteous actions

Each «» customer may prohibit his private entries’ analysis. It won’t affect his visiting and viewing. But «» won’t be able to render its services and conduct the transactions properly. Disguise yourself: modify the cookies in your browser: delete, disable or block. Interference with browsing won’t happen, still, some services will no longer work properly. You can also protect yourself from any manifestations of marketing on our part. Just send an inquiry to
Want to avail of your rights? Communicate with us about.
Accessing your private details. This includes:
•analysis reasons;
•entries type;
•the storage period and the reasons of its duration;
•related parties admitted to these details

• Making «» correct any wrong features.
• Making an objection on a choice «» made about you considering these entries. «» , as a rule, adjusts the mailout.
• Requesting «» to shift this media volume to another platform. Providing it on a convenient medium is the first method. And sometimes we can transfer them directly.
• Erasing all your profile details. (If we don’t need them anymore to maintain the site’s functionality).
• Making a complaint about the way «» uses your entries. Contact your local department in charge of the personal data handling. The time to answer your complaint is thirty days and only the solid reasons can accelerate this.


Reputable methods control the safety and security of the volume collected. Non-disclosure agreements bound our employees and contractors. Accordingly, they must take actions and provide measures to guarantee compliance with these agreements. «» operates under its internal safety regulations.
Be aware! However, no ideal security standards exist. There’s always a chance of data leakage. Keep your login details confidential, this is only your responsibility. Have the slightest suspicion of your privacy’s violation? Write to immediately!


Procedure’s locations are the company’s offices. They, their branches and server rooms can seat in different countries. Servers and supplementary equipment for this activity are placed in strictly guarded buildings. The current legislation sets up the information protection level.

12.Retention period

After a six-year period since your last visit to «» , an automatic algorithm erases your entries. A preliminary request for removal is not nessesary.

13.Conveyance of the private entries

With «» the risk to your freedoms and rights is insignificant. The implementation of high-quality relationships with our platform is their only usage. All the methods used are indicated in this paper.

14.«Cookie» files

These tiny alphanumeric files carrying analytic information are saved on your hard drive..
«» uses them to guarantee the maximum convenience for users and providing personalized offers.
Some of them are known as «strictly necessary». «» needs them to work correctly. Also, they let you operate the site and use its capabilities. Still, they’re depersonalized. But if you don’t agree to use them, the performance will be affected.
The others are «Related to performance and analytics» and show how visitors interact with «» They detect the pages viewed, the time count, show error messages and assist «» in improving the platform.
Also, there are the «analytical» ones, identifying the users returning to «» With their help we individually select the content. Their blockage leads to the affected performance, functionality and limited content.
The marketing or «advertising» files record details about your web activities. They embrace your attendances to «» , as well as the links and ads selected. The goal is the individually picked content and the right advertising. Disapprove of the mentioned functions? Modify the settings accordingly or don’t use «»