Terms and conditions


The usability of the «Assignmenthelp.uk» internet site is controlled by this document. Our Internet address is https://assignmenthelp.uk. «Assignmenthelp.uk» administration provides its maintenance, users’ assistance, controls the implementation of all the rules by every user.
Every person is obliged to thoroughly familiarize with these postulates before registering on the «Assignmenthelp». Individual’s registration indicates the complete and unconditional agreement with these paragraphs. That’s why you should attentively learn the text in the following chapters. In case you disagree with any paragraph, the Administration suggests that you refuse to use «Assignmenthelp».
If you still decide to register at «Assignmenthelp.uk» we consider it as the complete and unconditional acceptance of these postulates.
Learn the capitalized definitions given below. They have no other meaning than we mention here in this document.
• By «Client», «You» we mean an individual who visits Assignmenthelp» and accepts its rules.
• «We», «Us» and «Our» – «Assignmenthelp.uk» web resource itself.
The definition of the abovementioned terms won’t change when used in the singular, plural, any gender or case.

2. Competence

You oblige to enter only the reliable information when filling in the columns in the «My Profile» section. It keeps your registration on «Assignmenthelp.uk» valid. In case of any alterations to your data, inform our Administration within fourteen calendar days. Ensure that you’ve already reached the age of majority and has the allowance to engage into legal relations. Make sure your actions on «Assignmenthelp.uk» do not infringe any laws and restrictions of your country. The same implements to the internal rules of you educational institution (school, college, etc).

3. Assignmenthelp utilities

«Assignmenthelp.uk» website obliges to perform this list of services:
• writing term papers, essays, dissertations, practice reports, creating drawings, translating, assisting and creating master’s theses, doctor’s theses, laboratory works and other orders negotiated with the Customer.
These utilities may initiate the following actions:
• editing, proofreading, systematization, reduction of papers already created by the Customer for the sake of eliminating grammatical and stylistic errors, as well as deleting the incorrect data.
«Assignmenthelp.uk» is legally permitted to gain monetary remuneration for the creation of the papers written under the mentioned terms. The existing terms may alter and the preliminary notice of the customers is not a must.
The format of the papers «Assignmenthelp.uk» provides meets the following specifications:
• Font: Times New Roman, 12
• List of the sources used: a separate page;
• Double-spaced Word file;
• Word count/page: around 250
• Title page as well as a reference pages are free.
When a client needs a single-spaced format, this leads to an increasing word count and, accordingly, is paid doubly.

4. Submitting an order request

The Customer is obliged to provide clear and unambiguous guidance for the execution of the order placed by him. If the user has not provided any instructions for the work, claims for the paper’s non-compliance are not accepted. Before starting working on the task, the contractor (writer) clarifies the requirements set by the Customer. If the Customer has not provided his confirmation on time, the accountability for delaying the deadlines lies entirely with him.
The Contractor has the eligibility to use any resources for the creation of papers. The sources’ selection changes only if the Customer stipulates the utilization or avoidance of some specific ones.

5. Effecting a payment

To operate «Assignmenthelp.uk» you should make 100% prepayment of the works you’re ordering. Contributed funds are reserved until you confirm the readiness of the paper. Important! Once you initiate a chargeback, any rights to the paper provided are eliminating. Note! Using someone else’s or nicked credit card to pay for the papers is illegal. «Assignmenthelp.uk» administration or a payment gateway may suspect such a crime. Then the Customer’s data is immediately transferred to the law enforcement agencies to investigate the circumstances.
Also, the Administration has the full right to change the cost of its services. The updated cost is published on the site and takes effect immediately. Prior notification to Customers is not carried out.

6. Discounts

To make «Assignmenthelp.uk» even more profitable we created a price allowance system. How it works: you deposit an amount for the order, and a certain percentage of the price goes to your Bonus Account. Please note: bonuses are not calculated in monetary terms, but in points. Therefore, you cannot withdraw them to your card. The accumulated points can be redeemed only to pay for your further orders on «Assignmenthelp». Please note! make the next order within nine months – the period in which the points are valid. No chance of using them after this time, they’re eliminated automatically. A month prior the elimination of the points we send a notification. But, unfortunately, it is impossible to extend the stated in-force period.
The first order’s reward is the ten percent of its value in points. For the subsequent orders, you will receive five percent. Points are awarded for the sum of the order minus the applied discount in points.

7. Cost refund

The period to reimburse the value of your order depends on the volume of the finished work. For the papers less than twenty pages, it will be fourteen days. If the number of pages is greater, then the refund period is increased to thirty days. This period begins on the deadline day and ends on the last day of the period set by these Terms. There are special cases when the return period can be up to one hundred eighty days. But this only applies to situations with the confirmed plagiarism detected in the paper.
Refund (compensation) time depends on the specific problematic situation. If your order has not been delivered to you in full on time, a refund will be immediate. When the order is canceled, the money will come back to the account of the card you paid with within seven business days.
In all other cases, return requests are considered individually. To refund the full sum of the finished paper, some extraordinary circumstances must be detected. Your obligation is to provide their confirmation. This may be a negative review of your teacher or a report on plagiarism detected. Providing scanned copies of these documents serve as a proof. When you initiate a refund request, it is sent to our Dispute Resolution Service. Our employees will take all the necessary actions. They have to compare your evidence with the outcome of the paper’s analysis by our web resource. In the event that the reasons for the compensation are approved, the refund initiates within the specified period.
It may happen that the paper isn’t completely wrong, but there are errors, shortcomings, or non-compliance with the customer’s instructions. Therefore, «Assignmenthelp.uk» calculates what percentage of the sum transacted is refundable. For this, a thorough analysis of the paper is performed. The sum for the refund is calculated at «Assignmenthelp.uk» discretion.
«Assignmenthelp.uk» sets up several channels of communication with the author of your work and «Assignmenthelp.uk» representatives. You can always contact them by phone, email, live chat or through the contact form on the Site. Send your comments about the refund in any convenient way. But, be sure to fit your request within the allotted period for the return. If you fail to do so, the claims for the quality of work won’t be accepted.
Delays of the paper’s delivery may arise due to force majeure circumstances. In this situation, «Assignmenthelp.uk» may present you a discount or extra bonus points. Redeem these bonuses to reduce the cost of your next paper.

8. Revisions

Any request for revisions or corrections should be within the indicated period. This period of free corrections varies for papers of different volumes. If your work contains less than 20 pages, you have fourteen days. If the volume exceeds thirty pages, this period will be thirty days. The beginning of the revision period is the paper’s deadline day. The end falls on the last day of the specified period. After this time, any request for free corrections will not be accepted. There are special cases when the return period can be up to one hundred eighty days. But this only applies to situations with the confirmed plagiarism detected in the paper.
Our site admits that academic papers differ not only in the volume, but also in the complexity level. Therefore, a dissertation, a thesis and similar works can be assigned a thirty-day revision period if the Site approves it.
The client may not issue any review during the specified period. In this case, the Site regards this as unconditional acceptance of the provided paper. The Site does not take any additional action on the paper. An exception is made only for the new orders and supplementary services paid separately.
After you’ve received the finished work, you can check it for conformity with your assignment. If you assume that the paper in any way deviates from the given provisions, or ignores them, let us know. Please note! Your complaints must relate to the very conditions of the assignment you’ve notified «Assignmenthelp.uk» about when placing an order. You might want to give any new conditions that the work must comply with. But it’s regarded as a separately paid additional service.

9. Identity authentication

When ordering a paper from us, be prepared that we can request additional identification info from you. Also, we have legal authority to contact other structures for your data’s confirmation. Such verification is possible both directly and by querying through other databases.
The reason we resort is to reduce the number of the law violations. We’ll make sure that the card holder knows he’s paying for this order. To do this, we can contact him by phone, as well as request some additional documents from him. Our Risk Department is working on the transparency of each transaction. The procedure should be completed quickly and timely to ensure that the works deadline is consistent. Therefore, make sure that the contacts you provide are correct and have no typos. We can cancel or freeze the writing of a paper, if verification is impossible.
When you register at «Assignmenthelp.uk» you confirm your approval of this type of checks. Also you approve their necessity for carrying out the financial and legal procedures. It imploys you’re agree to the diversified use of your data for this purpose.

10. Exemption clauses

Providing the various works «Assignmenthelp.uk» completely disclaims responsibility for actions related to the content received from «Assignmenthelp». These include:
• Customer’s inability to familiarize and learn the material in the provided paper.
• Obtaining an unsatisfactory final grade for a subject in question.
• Any consequences associated with the paper’s providing to any educational institution.
• Also any damage arising from the interaction with «Assignmenthelp».
This includes, but is not limited to: harm to the computer and programs and any direct and indirect losses resulting from this.

11. Authorship issues

The paper on any topic written for you is still in our possession and is subject to copyright. We provide it for your individual use only. Therefore, you won’t let the work written for you to be
• Used or copied, sold or distributed, or otherwise exploited for any possible purposes.
Request our written permission if you still desire to achieve broader permissions for its usage.

12. Reviews

We’re allowed to post our customer reviews on «Assignmenthelp.uk» mentioning their initials and names. By registering on «Assignmenthelp», you give your permission to this. The disclosure of your privacy is excluded when publishing such reviews. Still, deleting your reviews is possible through a inquiry to our email address.

13. Changes announcement

«Assignmenthelp.uk» has the authority to modify these chapters any moment in any aspect. Coincidently, informing the Customers about these alterations is not a must. To make sure you have the right idea of the rules, we advise you to turn back to these clauses off and on.